The Choice: Low, Medium or High Quality Paint

The Choice: Low, Medium or High Quality Paint

Do I use low quality paint, medium quality paint or high quality paint?

The answer is really very simple.

Think about what your intent is. Some questions to help you discover your intent are:

Why are you painting?

  1. Are you painting to sell your home? If so, you may not have to use top of the line product. Medium grade paints are still high quality and are much more cost effective.

How long will you be in your home still?

  1. If your home is your “forever” home, invest in it. Buy a high quality paint that will last, stand up to kids’ and damage, and be easily washable. It IS worth it. If it is a transitional home for you, buy a high quality product that isn’t top of the line.

Do you have special concerns? (mould, mildew, young children and VOC’s)

  1. Paints today have additives in them that kill mould, mildew, and even absorb and eliminate smells!! (Really!). Is this something you need or want?
  2. If you have young children, or if you are very insistent about environmental concerns or health concerns, go with a ZERO-VOC paint. Most paints today are LOW VOC anyway but NO VOC paints do exist.

What is your budget?

  1. You have an idea or goal in mind of what you want to spend on painting, taxes in. If you can still get the same warranty from the company by using a medium grade paint that is still high quality, that may be best for where you are right now. The simple fact is that the highest quality paints WILL last the longest and are designed to do so if applied properly. You have to ask yourself, are you ok with the “Mercedes Benz” of paint product instead of the “Rolls Royce”?

Will the space you are painting get damaged right away again anyway?

  1. If you are a landlord and thinking of painting a rental unit, use a medium grade paint. We never recommend using a low grade paint because it is very frustrating to work with and it is really bad quality.
  2. If you own a daycare, you can either pick one of two paths:
  • Invest in the daycare with a high quality, ZERO VOC product that is washable. Expect to buy paint that you will be able to clean the walls when the kids muck them up.
  • Use a medium grade paint and expect to repaint more often
  • It is usually best to invest in the high quality product for high traffic areas since you will be disturbing the entire layout of your area ONCE and you only want to go through that ONCE or very infrequently at the least.


Carefully consider your intent for painting. Why are you doing it? How long will you be in the home? How often is the area frequented by foot traffic?

These questions and more should be considered when selecting the right quality paint for your project.

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