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Our Service Area:


Our office is based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Our service area includes rural Manitoba. We will travel for cottages and summer homes, or out of town commercial opportunities.


If you are in another Canadian city looking for a quality focused painting company to help bring your vision to life, please let us know! We are expanding and looking for the next upcoming cities to open our doors.

There’s a special place in our hearts for our rural communities.


Stratford Price Painting provides the same industry-leading residential and commercial painting services everywhere we go but there is something to be said about looking forward to a nice drive outside of the city to slow down, be more in nature, have less noise, and be around less hustle. Jason Greschuk, Founder & President at Stratford Price, grew up in rural Manitoba and believes in supporting his community and others like it in any way that he can.


“Although I spent my early years in Winnipeg, I lived in rural Manitoba (age 2 to 18), on a 1.6 acre lot in St. Andrews, Manitoba. It was some of the greatest memories of my life!”

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