Eco-Friendly Painters

Eco-friendly painters.

Painting it green – all ways, and always.


We’re committed to keeping our planet in the best possible condition that we can. We believe that it is our responsibility to consider our impact on our environment and leave behind a legacy for future generations. To this end, Stratford Price Painting is committed to providing quality focused, eco-friendly painters for our projects.


Minimizing Our Ecofootprint.


Even the daily administration of a business creates excess paper, waste or recyclables. We partner with agencies that understand this – like Payworks Inc’s Paperless Payroll, for example – to help us keep it to a minimum.


We reduce our day-to-day disposable consumption wherever possible, and recycle everything we can.

VOC Friendly Paint.


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) cause too much trouble for the environment and for your health. We like a healthy planet with healthy people, so we don’t use or support the use of VOC heavy paint.


All of our paint selections meet the most stringent VOC standards.

Low VOC Compliant Paint
Paint Recycling

Not a drop is wasted or disposed of.


Throwing away paint is wasteful, and even harmful to the environment if it is an oil-based product. Excess waste means unnecessary product shipments, too! We try to keep everything in mind.


We recycle every can of leftover paint or donate it to the community.

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